🌻Annual summer vacation project🌻
“Theater Backstage Tour” will be held.
 This is a very popular event that both adults and children can enjoy, where you can see the backstage of the theater and experience Kumiodori and Ryukyuan dance workshops, which are usually unavailable to the public.
Why don't you join the tour for your summer vacation memories?
An English-speaking attendant interpreter will be provided.
[Starting Day and Time]
 July 27, 2024 (Sat) 9:30~12:00
   July 28, 2024 (Sun)9:30~12:00
 You can participate in either of the above dates.
[Eligible Persons]
 ・Those who have purchased tickets and applied to participate in the following eligible performances.
 ・Adults only are also eligible to participate.
 ・If elementary school students or younger participate, a parent or guardian (junior high school student or older) must attend.
80 people per day (each day will be divided into two groups)
※Applications for 7/27 (Sat.) have been closed as we have reached capacity. 7/28 (Sun.) is still open.
  Facility Tour   
 Observation of stage facilities such as "bon mawashi", "hanamichi", etc.
 In addition, we will guide you behind the scenes of the stage, which you cannot usually see.
 Performers introduce the highlights of Kumiodori and Ryukyuan dance
 You can also experience the unique dance and movements of Kumiodori and Ryukyuan dances.
 Please wear or bring socks.
[Application period]
 June 1 (Saturday) - July 20 (Saturday)
Please note that applications will be closed when the number of participants reaches the limit.

[How to apply]
 Please apply in person at the theater ticket counter or by phone.
 Please make your application at the same time you purchase tickets for the performance.
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