Chokun's five masterpieces and Ryukyu Fireworks     


【performance Date】
Oct.14(Fri)  18:30
Kumiodori "Shushinkaneiri"
Kumiodori "Onnamonogurui"
Ryukyu Fireworks
Oct.15(Sat)  18:30
Iriko Odori Dance
Kumiodori "Koko no maki"
Ryukyu Fireworks  
Oct.16(Sun) 18:30
Kumiodori "Mekarushi"
Kumiodori "Nido Tekiuchi"
Ryukyu Fireworks  
Kumiodori Park4-14-1 Jicchaku, Urasoe City)
■Foreign Language Support
 We will lend an English audio guide freeof charge to those who wish.
(In case of rain, audio guides are not available.)
■In case of rain
It will be performed not at the special stage (outdoors)of Kumiodori Park,but at the National Theater Okinawa Grand Theater.
In that case,the fireworks will be screened in advancefor this occasion.
Ticket Fee: 
3,700 yen (including tax) Sep.1 on Sale 

 ※Even if tickets are sold out, seats will be sold on the day of the outdoor performance.


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■digital Brochure
■National Theater Okinawa Kumiodori CharacterColoring Book (Download and enjoy!)




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Discover KUMIODORI  "Nido Tekiuchi"

Nov.19(Sat) 14:00

National Theater Okinawa Grand Theater

Ticket Fee: 
2,300 yen (including tax) Oct.1 on Sale




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■Kumiodori workshop(Capacity: 20 people)

The Kumiodori is a musical theater composed of words,music and dance.Kumiodori-origin in the early 18th century of the Ryukyu Kingdom era,continued to the present. Workshop-participants will experience Kumiodori by an actor who guided tour of its attractive and unique history.

※Those who purchased tickets for Discover KUMIODORI can apply.

※Participation is free.



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