Kumiodori Performance in July ”Okawa Tekiuchi”




Kumiodori Performance 
”Okawa Tekiuchi”
Venue :  National Theatre Okinawa (Large Theatre)
 National Theatre Okinawa has implemented measures for our visitors to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Part Ⅰ  : Ryukyuan Dance
Part Ⅱ  : Kumiodori "Okawa Tekiuchi"
Performance Date : Jul.10(Sat.)
Performance Time : 14:00-16:00
Ticket Prices  (including tax)
Adults: ¥3,500
University Student: ¥2,000
High school Students and below: ¥1,000
Booking Opens
available from Jun.1(Thu.),2021
Box Office
 098-871-3350 (10:00 - 18:00) in Japanese and English
Online Booking
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Counter Sales at the Theatre
available from Jun.1(Thu.),2021
*End times are estimates and could vary. 
*Subtitles: Available only in Japanese. Displayed on screen beside the stage.
 Kumiodori "Okawa Tekiuchi"
 Tancha no Aji overthrows Okawa no Aji, who is popular among the people, and takes over Okawa Castle, but fearing revenge from Murabaru no Hiya, who is loyal to Okawa no Aji, Tancha no Aji plans to lure Murabaru no Hiya by keeping the Wakaaji (young lord) of Okawa as hostage. Murabaru, who hears the sad news on his way back from Nakijin Castle, contemplates on rescuing the young lord in one way or another and avenge his master. In order to rescue the young lord, Utudaru, the wife of Murabaru no Hiya, slips into Tancha Castle, the castle of Tancha no Aji, all alone by pretending to be the young lord’s nanny, and manages to deceive Tancha no Aji with her clever conversational and seductive techniques.

Disguising himself as a peddler, Murabaru no Hiya, checks out the situation at Tancha Castle. Tomari, who is Utudaru’s messenger, informs Murabaru about the best timing to launch an attack on Tancha Castle. Murabaru no Hiya calls together the former retainers of Okawa no Aji and invades Tancha Castle. He manages to rescue the young lord of Okawa and Utudaru, and capture Tancha no Aji.

In this performance, only the second part(The scene that Utudaru deceive Tancha no Aji with her clever conversational and seductive techniques) will be performed.