Kumiodori Performance in August ”Manzai Tekiuchi”




Kumiodori Performance 
”Manzai Tekiuchi”
Venue :  National Theatre Okinawa (Large Theatre)
 National Theatre Okinawa has implemented measures for our visitors to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Part Ⅰ  : How to enjoy Kumiodori
Part Ⅱ  : Kumiodori "Manzai Tekiuchi"
Performance Date : Aug.7(Sat.)
Performance Time : 14:00-16:00
Ticket Prices  (including tax)
Parents and child: ¥2,300
General: ¥2,300
University Student: ¥2,000
High school Students and below: ¥1,000
Booking Opens
available from Jul.1(Thu.),2021
Box Office
 098-871-3350 (10:00 - 18:00) in Japanese and English
Online Booking
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Counter Sales at the Theatre
available from Jul.1(Thu.),2021
*End times are estimates and could vary. 
*Subtitles: Available only in Japanese. Displayed on screen beside the stage.
 Kumiodori "Manzai Tekiuchi"

Ufujana nu Hiya was killed by  Takadera Uzashi over a  resentment about a horse. He had two surviving children named Jana nu Shi and Chiun.Jana nu Shi visits his brother Chiun and persuades him to help in avenging their father.

One day, Takadera Uzashi who had always fled so as to avoid anything untoward happening, went down to the beach with family and retainers to cleanse themselves. The two brothers who had disguised themselves as strolling Manzai performers while looking for their enemy, happened to pass by a man on the road from whom they heard that Takadera Uzashi has gone to Kowan beach to cleanse himself. Once they know where their enemy is, they use their disguise as wanderling performers to get close to Takadera Uzashi