【Rental Video】Kumiodori”Shushin Kaneiri” (English subtitled version)




【Rental Video】
”Shushin Kaneiri”
(English subtitled version)
Venue :
Confetti Streaming Theater

Ticket Fee: 
2,200 yen (including tax)


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Kumiodori "Shushin Kaneiri"

A handsome young man, Wakamatsu Nakagusuku was on his way to the Shuri Castle on an official business, where he stops by a house and asks to stay the night. A lady of this home refused to give him lodging because her parents were out, but when she finds out that it was Wakamatsu, she changes her mind to let him stay.The lady tries to get close to Wakamatsu, but he refuses. Wakamatsu not being able to tolerate any longer, decides to seek help at a temple in Sueyoshi. The lady desperately chased after Wakamatsu and finally arrives at the temple. However, not being able to find him, she turns into a demoness...