Promotion Performance in September  

Okinawa Play Appreciation Class ”The Story of the King of Kuroshima”  




Promotion Performance 
Okinawa Play Appreciation Class 
”The Story of the King of Kuroshima”
Venue :  National Theatre Okinawa (Large Theatre)
 National Theatre Okinawa has implemented measures for our visitors to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Performance Date : Sep.17 (Fri.)
■Performance Time : 14:00-16:00
■Ticket Prices  (including tax)
Adults: ¥2,300
Group: ¥1,800
University Student: ¥2,000
High school Students and below: ¥1,000
■Booking Opens
available from Aug.1(Sun.),2021
■Box Office
 098-871-3350 (10:00 - 18:00) in Japanese and English
■Online Booking
【National Theatre Okinawa Online reservation services】

■Counter Sales at the Theatre
available from Aug.1(Sun.),2021
*End times are estimates and could vary. 
*Subtitles: Available only in Japanese. Displayed on screen beside the stage.

 ”The Story of the King of Kuroshima”

The King of Kuroshima summons three brothers, Turajugani, Kanimachi, and Momochiyo, to the castle to find a son-in-law for his only daughter, Mautugani. The King of Kuroshima tells them that he will take as sons-in-law the one who searches for a treasure that is unique in the world, so the three brothers set out on a treasure hunt. On the way to the treasure hunt, each of the brothers encounters a mysterious phenomenon. The eldest son, Turajugani, was tired and sleeping in a cave when a habu appears. The habu turns into smoke, which turns into an old gray-haired man, who gives him a flying robe. The second son, Kanimachi, was resting in the shade of a tree when an old gray-haired man appears and entrusts him with a far-seeing mirror. The third son, Momochiyo, also receives from the old gray-haired man a strange-smelling peach that supposedly brings the dead back to life. While the three brothers were boasting about their treasures, Kanimachi suddenly looks into the mirror and sees the image of Mautugani, who is on the verge of death due to an incurable disease. The three panicked brothers use Turajugani's flying robe to fly through the sky and rush to the castle where the King of Kuroshima and the others were staying, but Mautugani passes away. The three brothers arrive shortly thereafter. When Momochiyo lets Mautugani smell the peach, she comes back to life. The King of Kuroshima praises the three brothers, but each of them claims that it was because of his own treasure, so it could not be determined who would become the son-in-law. Meanwhile, a turmoil occurs where Mao Yun, who came from China, creates a storm in this world in a bid to take over the castle of the King of Kuroshima. The three brothers join forces and succeed in defeating Mao Yun. The King of Kuroshima is delighted, and Turajugani is welcomed as the husband of Mautugani. Kanimachi becomes Turajugani 's vassal, working to ensure that peace prevails in the world by keeping a watchful eye through the far-seeing mirror. Momochiyo becomes a farmer, growing many crops and saving the starving people with peaches.