Project Performance in March

  "Kumiodori and Okinawan Play Masterpiece Selection"

As a conclusion to the 20th anniversary commemorative performances, we will present a gorgeous combination of kumiodori and review over two days.

Saturday, March 16

【Hanauri no en】

Morikawa-no-shi, a low-ranking samurai in Shuri, was unable to make a living due to various misfortunes and left his wife and child to go to work and was never heard from again.
Twelve years pass, and the wife, who works as a nanny for a good family, sets out on a journey to find her husband, taking their grown son with her...


Tarugani, a bastard son of Aka of Kumoji Village, falls in love at first sight with Umichiru, the only daughter of the Isa family, a prominent family in Tomari Village. Tarugani commutes to Tomari Aka, near Umichiru's home, and finally fulfills his love. However, Tarugani's father, worried about his son's future, sends Tarugani off to work on Iheya Island. Meanwhile, Umichiru, who cannot see Tarugani, succumbs to love sickness. Tarugani learns of Umichiru's death and...

Sunday, March 17

【Shushin kaneiri】

A beautiful boy named Wakamatsu Nakagusuku asks a house for a night's lodging on his way to serve the Shuri Royal Government.
The innkeeper refuses because his parents are away, but when she learns that he is Wakamatsu, her attitude changes completely and she offers him lodging. The woman makes a pass at Wakamatsu, but he refuses.
Wakamatsu is inconsolable and runs to Sueyoshi's temple to ask for help.
The woman desperately chases after Wakamatsu and comes to the temple.
However, Wakamatsu is not to be found, so the woman finally transforms into a demoness.


A young man named Shirakawa Hakuru goes to the beach of Yakushido with his schoolmates on the third day of March (a traditional event to pray for the health of girls) and meets a beautiful girl named Thiru. Since then, he sneaks into the girl's house every night to make love, but when his parents find out, Tsuru is disowned and goes into hiding with his nanny.
Hakuru inquires about Thiru's whereabouts and pleads with her nanny to visit her, but is told that Thiru has already passed away...


Project Performance in March

  "Kumiodori and Okinawan Play Masterpiece Selection"

 Saturday, March 16:"Hanauri no en" and "Tumaiaka"

  Sunday, March 17: "Shushin kaneiri" and "Yakushido"


Venue :  National Theatre Okinawa (Grand Theater)


Performance Date : Mar.16(Sat.)-17(Sun.)
Performance Time : 14:00-
Ticket Prices  (including tax)

General: ¥4,200

University Student: ¥2,000
High school Students and below: ¥1,000

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